Saturday, October 15, 2011

First Massage of The Day...

My first massage of the day was just stressful... I have yet to have an experience like this one. My client was extremely picky and just had a "tone" to her voice... you know that "tone" I'm talking about. The one where she is saying something that is nice, but it sure doesn't sound nice sort of "tone". Around 10 minutes into the massage, my CD player broke. If you have received a massage before, having relaxing music playing is key. It can be very awkward when it's silence... and it was. So I politely asked her if I could step out because there was another CD player outside that was hooked up to speakers throughout the spa. She said okay, by that point I was pretty frazzled. It's so easy for me to get stressed out about something, especially when I give something my all and things just happen outside my control and mess it up. Nothing is more frustrating then that.
Then she was too cold, so again I had to step out of the room to turn the air up. So far I have left the room twice, which is a big no no.
As I was trying to collect myself inside I hear a beeping... and of course she hears it too and is annoyed by it so again I had to leave the room, find the beeping (which was a timer that went off for no reason) and turn it off. Now I have left the room 3 times! And might I add that every time I tried to open the door I looked stupid because my hand kept slipping because of the lotion. It took me about 3 tries to actually get the door open every time.
Also, she didn't like the smell of my lotion. It's not that I was upset at her by any means. I was more upset about the fact that she didn't fully receive what she needed, which was a relaxing massage to distress. I never want to make any of my clients (or anyone) feel uncomfortable or unrelaxed.


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