Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 3 of Isagenix

Today is my 3rd day on my Isagenix journey and I'm feeling great! Yesterday morning I woke up with a sore throat and knew that was the early signs of a cold firing up. However! After drinking my shakes yesterday and my cleansing drinks today, I'm feeling pretty wonderful. Today was my first "cleanse" day. Meaning, I didn't have any food or shakes except for some specific Isagenix snacks in between drinks. What I drank today and will drink tomorrow as well is called, "Cleanse for Life". It is going to focus on really getting all the bad toxins out!

So far the main thing I've noticed is better sleep since I started using Isagenix products. I haven't woken up once in the night, and I just sleep good and sleep hard! I am feeling pretty fantastic by the end of today. I thought I would feel faint from not having food, but Isagenix does not "starve" the body like other cleansing systems may do. It brings in all the nutrients the body needs and takes the bad toxins out. I never thought I would feel this good after a whole day of not eating. Now I'm not nervous for tomorrow, I am more excited to see how I feel after another full "cleanse" day. 

With all the powders, you can either drink them hot or cold. So far I have done all cold with both powders (IsaLean and Cleanse for Life), except tonight for the first time I tried drinking my "Cleanse for Life" hot like tea. I actually found it much more soothing and enjoyable in that form!

So I forgot to weight myself at the very beginning of my journey but tomorrow morning I will! I guess I didn't really feel the need to since I'm not cleansing for weight loss. I am cleansing to clean my body and release any excess fat I have and also to improve energy, sleep, lean muscle, and decrease stress. It's important to remember that if a person is skinny, does not mean that they have a low percentage of body fat. Their excess fat could be stored in brain tissue, breast tissue, and vital organs. There is such a thing as a skinny fat person people! 

It has been very difficult not to cheat and just eat. Especially today, since food was off the table completely. I was hanging out with some of my best buddies tonight and they all made pot stickers and they smelled so yummy, but I strongly sat there trying to enjoy every bite of my IsaDelight snack. I am determined not to cheat, not even once. I always find myself cheating or finding excuses not to finish or do things and I'm done with those excuses! I want to do something and know I did it to the best of my ability.

 I'm extremely blessed to have been introduced to Isagenix through the lovely woman, Cari-Lee. You can read her blog and I highly suggest reading her bio as well here.  

I hope you have a lovely rest of your weekend! I know I will, and this week is Spring Break for me, can I get an AMEN?! 

Love Always, 

Samantha, LMT

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  1. Amen, girl!
    This is so interesting to me...I always figured that people who did these cleanses were crazy and doing it for a desperate shot to get thin...But I love having my mind changed! This sounds great, Mantha! I loved the part about being a "skinny fat girl" esp. Very enlightening. :)
    Keep going strong--you can do it!!


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