Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Today I woke up feeling great! I made my IsaLean shake for breakfast and let me tell you... it tasted like Heaven! I missed those darn shakes after 2 days. I then watched Live with Kelly and just relaxed and got ready for the day. I am starting to notice slightly leaner muscle!! The only area I really carried any noticeable fat in would have to be the inner thigh area, and it is feeling more trim and tight! I weighed myself this morning and I weighed exactly 100lbs!! I know I was about 102 before I started my Isagenix journey.

Here is a link by the way if you want to learn more about the 9 Day Cleansing System and all the other amazing products Isagenix offers.

Once I finished getting ready, Vince and I went out for the day. He had to get his 3000 mile check up on his car at the Ford dealership and then we went to Costco to pick out glasses for him!!! I knew this day would be here soon enough... We then had a lovely lunch at Picasso's. If you have not been to that restaurant (or sadly don't have one in your area) it's wonderful because they offer organic and gluten free choices!

After our little outing we went back to his house and worked out- mostly weights and resistance. I then made my shake for dinner and we finished the night off by watching the finale of The Bachelor! So many people are upset that Ben picked Courtney, but I think they are kind of good for each other. They are both weird and quirky and if they're happy that's all that matters! It makes me so sad how the media and public have to be so cruel. All I know is that I am happy to not be in their shoes, and am blessed to live the life I live. 

I hope you have a lovely day today!! Don't forget to check back in and see what Day 6 brings along! 
I have a feeling it will be a good one...

Love Always, 

Samantha, LMT


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Love Always,
Samantha, LMT

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