Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cleanse Days 9 and 10

Yesterday was Day 9 of my cleanse and I have been feeling wonderful! I had a busy day from working, working out, doing homework, and then Vince and I went down to the Marriott to meet his family for dinner. It was a full but great day!

Today is Day 10 and it is a "cleanse" day. To find out the different between a "shake" and "cleanse" day. Please click on the link here to read about it in a previous post. 
I had 2 massages this morning and am going to have a picnic at the park with my friends to celebrate St. Patty's Day! I have been sleeping so great every night, lost 3lbs, and a little over an inch off my waist, and weight loss wasn't even one of my main goals. It's extremely exciting to me that I am losing unnecessary fat and gaining lean muscle. I can definitely tell a difference already and it has only been 10 days! 
I couldn't be happier or feel healthier.

Today and tomorrow will both be "cleanse" days, and after that I will have completely my 11 day journey successfully! It has gone by so fast but I can't wait to keep on trucking with my Isagenix business because I am officially a consultant now! I couldn't be more excited about the opportunities Isagenix has given me, and will continue to give. 

If you are interested in cleansing please email me at for your free no-obligation consultation today! 

Isagenix is an international company and is available in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Puerto Rico.

Here is a great video that explains why you need to cleanse:

Love Always, 

Samantha, LMT

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Samantha, LMT

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