Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rely for Life Recap

Relay for Life was an incredible experience... It was from 6pm Saturday-6am Sunday morning. It was tiring, but completely worth it! We walked around the track all night long. I walked about a total of 8 miles! If you aren't sure what Relay for Life is, you can check out my post here. The university raised over 60K for cancer and we beat universities twice our size! Here are some pictures to give a little recap of what went down.

There was a "jail" you could pay people to send one of your friends in and they had to raise double the amount that got them in there! Dennis (below) did backflips to raise money to be released. 

The theme was Disney, how much better can you get? You can't really tell from these pictures that it was Disney themed but there were Disney songs playing all night long and every booth had it's own fun twist.  

This is my best friend Rachel (left) and I (right). She was our team captain! Her dad is a cancer survivor and he was there as well. There was a ceremony remembering all those that have passed from cancer and it was incredibly moving... I wish I got a picture of it. I can't wait to go back next year and raise more money and awareness to fight back! 

My boyfriend and I got "married"!! There was a fake wedding ceremony booth and it was so much fun! I thought it was a really cute idea. The sorority that ran it was supposed to email us a picture that they took of the actual "ceremony", but sadly we have yet to receive it :( 
If I ever get it, I promise to post it!

There were physical activities to keep everyone moving and awake because if you stopped walking you would most likely fall asleep... Here is a short video clip of hundreds of students doing Zumba to keep the energy up! I am going to have to take a Zumba class ASAP... it's a blast. 

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