Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Cleansing

Hello loves! 
Happy April 1st! Every single year I always forget that April 1st is April Fools Day... I would love to hear about any fun tricks you played on people, or got played on you!
 Now let's talk about a new way to "spring clean".

Spring Cleansing Your Body 

Let's think about it, we clean our houses and get the oil changed on our cars, but what about cleaning our bodies? And I don't just mean taking a hot shower! I mean really cleaning your body, your cells, blood, organs, and skin. 

After I started my new cleansing life, I have never felt better! I will never be able to go back to a life that did not involve cleansing. I've learned how to cleanse and replenish my body and all I want to do is share it with everyone so they can have success as well! I've lost weight and inches off my body, boosted my immune system, get better sleep, and have more energy. I don't have to rely on caffeine to get my through the day anymore! People have noticed that I seem to have more of a glow about me, and I do too. Making a lifestyle change isn't always easy, but it is completely worth it. 

Are you ready to change your life for the better?
If you want to regain your health, increase energy, shed excess body fat (where toxins are stored), gain lean muscle, experience deeper sleeps, better mental clarity & other amazing benefits, contact me today. I build my business on referrals and greatly appreciate themReferrals must commit to a 9 day with maintenance or a 30 day program. Valid in N. America, Australia, N Zealand, Hong Kong & Taiwan.
For more info please go to

 Get 2 friends to cleanse with you and you will receive a $50 gift card to any restaurant, grocery store, or spa or your choice!

Get 1 friend to cleanse with you and you will receive a $25 gift card to again, any restaurant, grocery store, or spa of your choice. 

Free personal coaching is also included! My coach Cari-Lee has helped me change my life and I could not be more thankful for her. You should read her bio here about how she overcame a sever diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis through cleaning up her system. 

Also! Don't forget to enter my giveaway! I use these products as a part of my cleansing system and they are incredible! Don't pass up this opportunity to win them. 
You can read about this giveaway and enter here. 


  1. totally inspired. fabulous post, love. thanks for sharing. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post. xo

  2. great post! thanks so much for that information!


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