Friday, September 23, 2011

First Full Day

Today at the spa I did all computer work! I made up a Fall Massage Specials Flyer (if you are interested just ask!) and sent out 2 different emails to all of the clients. Believe it or not… it took all day. However, I really enjoyed myself! I love working in the spa with my boss Marisa. I believe her and I will work extremely well together.
When I came home though after we finished for the day I got a phone call from Marisa and she said the other therapist started freaking out on her and calling her a liar and whatnot so she finally let her go. Now I have the massage room all to myself which will be much less stressful and confusing to deal with. I have 2 massages tomorrow because I am taking the other therapists massages for the week. Which I do NOT mind! That's the update with me :)


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Samantha, LMT

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