Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Scrubs!

So at my spa I wear scrubs as my uniform. I went to Walmart the other day to invest in a few new scrub outfits with some actual color in them! The other pairs I have been wearing are either navy blue or black... It was time for some color!

For this printed scrub top I also purchased dark brown bottoms to match.

Also, for the pink I have a pair of the same color pink bottoms.
The nice thing is that I can mix and match my tops and
bottoms to create ever more new outfits!

When I was at Walmart my lovely boyfriend accompanied me and I was thinking about buying a pair of tan scrubs. Before I bought anything I asked his opinion about it and he gave me words of wisdom as always!
"Samantha, you don't want to be giving off the message to your clients that you are plain and look like you hate your job!"
I totally agreed with him! I want my clients to look at me and see life, and longevity. The last thing I would ever want to do if give off the wrong message to anyone, especially my clients. I love my boyfriend Vince, I am so thankful for his advice!
If you are a licensed massage therapist or just someone in need of scrubs, honestly, just go to Walmart. If you went to a scrub store you are going to be paying around $60 for a pair of scrubs, and at Walmart you would pay $30 for a pair. They are very nice scrubs and they have a good selection of colors and different sizes. I never thought I would be supporting Walmart... but I am!


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