Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Date Relived & Breaking Dawn Review

Okay loves I thought it was necessary to write a review for the new Breaking Dawn movie! Also, yesterday my boyfriend Vince and I were able to "relive" our first date!

For our first date we ate at one of our favorite Italian restaurants to eat a high carb, but highly worth it spaghetti calzone. After our first dining out experience together we went to see the second Twilight movie "New Moon", when it was out in theaters. I knew already he was going to be an incredible boyfriend because he was willing to see that movie with me! Our first date was absolutely perfect.

Yesterday we decided to "relive" our first date again since Breaking Dawn Part 1 finally came out in theaters!! This time however, we had to switch up the order of restaurant and movie due to time constraints, since we are both working adults now and have responsibilities at wee hours in the morning (yay for growing up)... We had a wonderful night full of laughs like always, and time together that we will always treasure. Vince makes me laugh more than anyone else can and is the perfect man for me to spend my time with, I love you Vince (if you are reading). I wish I had a picture up of our first date next to the one below that was taken yesterday, but we have always been really bad a taking "couples" pictures and probably always will be!

Sorry for our "squinty" eyes, it was so bright out! 
Now for the movie review!!

Breaking Dawn Part 1 definitely met all my expectations. There were a few cheesy scenes, but would it really be a Twilight movie if there wasn't? It just made me giggle throughout the whole movie. In my opinion, a movie that can make you laugh and cry throughout it is a winner.

The wedding scene was exquisite... definitely classy Cullen's as usual.  I mean come on, gorgeous right??

Her dress was a little bit of a downer for me though, and I'm sorry but I couldn't find a picture. There is a dream that Bella has the night before her wedding and her dress and hair in the dream definitely look better than in the real wedding scene, in my humble opinion. The only part about her real wedding dress that I like is the back, if when you see the movie, you'll know what I mean.

So, overall the movie was a 9 out of 10 for me. I would definitely suggest seeing it! Can't wait for Part 2! Hope you are having a relaxing Sunday, enjoy it.

Love Always, 

Samantha, LMT


  1. Lovely photo of you two! I can't wait to see the movie, I'm really curious about her dress now :)


  2. @ tiny dancer, Thank you so much! And yes I'm sure you will love it! Let me know if you are disappointed in her dress as well haha. I am now following your blog and I love it! xox


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Love Always,
Samantha, LMT

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