Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Weekly Check List:

So I was supposed to have this up yesterday, but my computer chose otherwise.
 Sorry it was a day late!

I have decided that each Monday I will create a "check list" of things that I need to get done for the week that I either keep putting off or just plain forget to do! I know "technically" Sunday is the first day of the week, but for me, Monday is the start of my week. I figured this may be a way to motivate me more to check them off my list, and I'll let you all know what I got done at the end of each week!


1. Clean my room. I know this one sounds obvious but it's just so true! I struggle hard with keeping my room nice a tidy. Hence, why it is on my "to do" list!


2. Exercise at least 3 times. I keep finding myself making up excuses as to why I can't work out. I don't have time, I'm too tired, I have other things to do, blah blah blah. I'm tired of making excuses for myself. I am the only thing in my way. My exercise goal in to tone up and be able to run at least 3 miles with out stopping. I have always been a short distance runner and I think it's time to work on my long distance. I need a good kick in the butt! 


3. Buy more massage sheets. I have been getting more and and more clients (thank you Lord) and am in dire need of more high quality sheets! I already have one pair that I love, but some that need to go "adios". This is a high priority on my list because I have 10 clients this week! 


4. Get to bed by at least 10pm every night. I am one of those people that need a lot of sleep to function properly. I wake up around 6:45am in the morning so by going to bed at 10:00pm that should give me almost 9 hours of sleep, and I need every hour of it!

I would love to hear what you have to "check off" your list this week! 

Love Always, 

Samantha, LMT

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  1. Heyy Gorgeous, cute blog :)

    New to blogger so if you follow me ill follow you back :P


    Much Love


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Love Always,
Samantha, LMT

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