Friday, January 6, 2012

Question Time

Alright everyone this is a question I have been thinking about pretty much ever since I started this blog. I'm a little embarrassed to ask this but, I don't know what the best way to answer a comment is! I know this isn't a life or death question, but I honestly don't know which one to do... yes I'm a newbie at blogging... so help me get better... please! I always want to answer my comments as quick as possible but lately I haven't been answering them because I want to just pick one way and stick to it. 

1. Reply via comment box
2. Reply via email 

Which one would you prefer? 
I know this sounds extremely simple, but just bear with me!

Love Always,

Samantha, LMT

1 comment:

  1. i do the email one and i think it is the best way (in my opinion) just because i don't get followup comments emailed to me if its just on the post. hope that helps :)


I would be more than happy to read all the comments you have! I greatly appreciate them and promise to answer each one as soon as possible.

Love Always,
Samantha, LMT

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